PLT #013 (in English) Od wojny w Iraku do marketingu cyfrowego w Polsce- Sam Cook

The most powerful stories are fantasy based and complete lies but people like to believe them, cause they want to escape real life”

„Opportunity in Poland from development design perspective, which are really the building blocks of wealth creation in digital age. In the next 5-10 years we will see a lot of Americans coming to Poland. …very promising future of wealth creation, building products, building valuable teams”

„Polish pro-western attitude was very surprising, given how US and UK let down Poland in history”

„ISIS? They are amazing in marketing…”

These are just fragments taken from a very inspiring and deep conversation I had with my guest Samuel P. N. Cook , ex-US Army officer, West Point graduate,  TEDx speaker, podcaster, wartime negotiator, armored cavalry commander, mentor, teacher and entrepreneur.

I was lucky that my previous guestPatrick Ney told me about his mentor, Sam Cook and stories how he has negotiated with insurgent terrorists linked to al -Kaida, and his storytelling, networking and negotiations skills that let to surrender of a big enemy group that killed a lot of his fellow soldiers.

Sam Cook

Sam Cook is a former officer in the US Army who spent 13 years in service, including 2 tours in Iraq. He joined me to share the negotiation, mentorship and storytelling skills that helped him while dealing with fighters linked to Al-Kaida and how he is using them in business.

He currently lives in Warsaw, Poland and has a digital marketing agency and publishing company named after his late brother:

His mission is to help experts with powerful messages get those messages out into the world. He builds complex, end-to-end, digital marketing and sales funnels so that world-class products and services can reach the people they are intended to help. You know your product or service is World Class, but you can’t figure out How to Get It to Market? His team will do it. From initial customer research, to kicking-off and managing first ads on deep marketing funnel.

He also established a Podcast Project Kazimierz (in English) and runs it with Richard Lucas, A British businessman and social entrepreneur based in Poland. Together they invite famous Polish entrepreneurs and influencers and talk about spirit of innovation and startups in Poland and Central Europe.

Sam Cook

Sam likes to put things in perspective. I did not expect that this talk would go on to be so moving and valuable. We talked about digital marketing, war in Iraq, mentorship, ISIS ( In Poland we prefer to call them Daesh), storytelling, networking, sociology and politics of todays and future.

Podcast ( audio version) timeline:

06:10-Why Poland?

07:10-Travelling around the world

08:00-Education and career path

„After I came back from Iraq I got the best job I can get in US Army, which was teaching at West Point”

09:10-Business in NY

11:00-Love of storytelling and quitting the army

12:15-Hiring a remote team in Philippines.

14:50-Disadvantages of being a digital nomad

16:30-Meeting a Polish girl and coming to Warsaw.

17:40-What are the Polish people?

19:50-How expensive is life in the US?

22:00-Starting a Project Kazimierz Podcast

„I like to say that East is the new West”

25:00-Success vs. Failure in Poland

27:00-Lessons from war in Iraq. Battle of Tal-Afar and negotiations with Al-Kaida.

29:00-Being staff officer and working under command of Gen. H. R. McMaster.

31:00-Polish soldiers fight in the south.

32:00-Understanding the enemy.

35:40-Art of influence in leadership.

36:10-A Story of famous letter.

„There is no problem in this world, that a good sales letter can not solve”– G. Halbert

36:30-Digital marketing used by ISIS.

51:00-Stories and lies that are told. View on politics. (also in Poland)

1:05:00-Right now is the only thing we have and only thing we can control…

1:06:00-What stories to tell yourself?

„I am very interested in power and dark side of storytelling can do”

1:07:00-Why I ask people to write their obituaries?

1:10:00-Would you pay to do, what you are doing right now?

1:11:00-Why people pay for mentorship?

Samuel P N Cook

Sources mentioned in the podcast:

Surge Expands to Tigris River


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